Since 2011 I have been working 1:1 with photographers all over the world who are committed to extending and refining their photographic and postproduction skills. 

What makes mentoring so successful? The short answer is that each program is developed especially for you, and answers the following questions : 

What skills do you want to master? 
What do you want to be able to do that you can't do now? 

Firstly we will agree a series of instructional sessions, topics that we will cover, and begin to develop a range of assignments that you will work through during the programme. There will be an assignment per fortnight or thereabouts, but the exact schedule will depend upon the scope and depth of each topic. Some assignments will be relatively straightforward, such as those based around purely technical skills which may only take a week to complete, whereas more complex assignments will require more time. The instruction and assignments, combined with discussion and critiques, will give you a whole new skill set. Not only will you learn a range of new skills, but you will know when, how and why to implement them. 

Our interaction during the mentoring programme – instruction, discussion and critique – will be through regular weekly or fortnightly meetings of an hour or so, using software that will allow us to talk, screen share and make collaborative changes to images. Each session is recorded and so you will have a unique personal programme you can refer to whenever you need. If appropriate you will also receive detailed written responses to your assignment notes, and we’ll keep in touch through email and social media. 

You can sign up for my mentoring programme for three months (13 sessions), six months (26 sessions) or a year (52 sessions). 

Mentoring is suited to beginners and pro’s alike, and all tuition is ONLINE so participation is welcomed from anywhere in the world. 



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