Visual communication has always played a big part in my life. For over 20 years I enjoyed working in various roles within the UK and Worldwide magazine industry, working my way up through the ranks from advertising sales to eventually going solo and publishing my own magazine.

From there I took a step away from the corporate world and turned one of my passions into a business, spending 8 years working 1:1 with over 100 photographers from all over the world, as their mentor. It was from these relationships that I discovered both, the demand for a better understanding and execution of brand strategy, and also my love for design. It’s by bridging this gap that I’m now enjoying a busy career as a design strategist for companies and organisations locally, as well as globally.

I’m married to Esther, recently became a father to Moses, Jesus lover, keen cyclist, jazz fanatic, and super-hot chilli eater. Oh, and I’ve recently started to learn how to code, using “Processing” software to create Data Visualisations.