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This site is a labour of two loves, jazz music and writing. I’m obsessed with the first, and need to improve the second, so here is, ”Sauce“.

It’s primary role is that of an album review site, but I’m leaving myself open to a few surprises in the hope that I keep you lot eager to come back every week.

The UK jazz scene has been pregnant for a few years, but 2018 has seen the birth of a new generation of super talented young artists that are producing diverse and confident music that denotes a truly special time in the history of jazz. Put simply, the genre’s being re-written, and it is music not only of currency, but of legacy too.

It’s success lies not only in it’s courage to cross-breed a sound from a blend of different styles, cultures, and even music genres, but also in the way it’s practitioners are bringing things up to date, using the trinity of studio experience, live performance, and the latest technology to push things forward to a place never visited before.

You can see a theme of togetherness running through the machine, and of working as a team for the common good. Collaboration is high, as musicians weave themselves in and out of each other’s compositions, leaving subtle but memorable footprints of joy. The hairs on the back on your neck will stand up when you hear these guys get creative with their improvisation vibe, it will leave you begging for more.

So who are these new warriors ?

I’ll be introducing them individually, and in more detail, as I review their albums, but for those in need of some immediate digital dopamine …..

Joe Armon-Jones, Ezra Collective, Nubya Garcia, Moses Boyd, Shabaka Hutchings, Sons of Kemet, The Comet is Coming, Then Cross, Maisha, Yazmin Lacey, Matthew Halsall, Tenderlonious, Sheila Maurice-Grey, TRI-Force, Kamaal Williams, Emma-Jean Thackeray, GoGo Penguin, Dinosaur, Vels Trio, and Ashley Henry.

I reckon I’ll be able to review one album a week, alternating between a new release and a “essentials” from the past to help the newcomer as well as seasoned jazz aficionado collate a half decent record collection. Just to be sure, I’m not a professional reviewer, or journalist, but I am target audience and if you were to cut me in half, I would have the word jazz running through me like a stick of rock.

So with all that said, whose album will feature first ? Stay tuned to find out folks !